How payday consolidation works?- Payday advance consolidation benefits

Debt Consolidation is a cash loan that allows you to close all outstanding debts and turn on a single debt by paying only one monthly installment to a single credit institution, which deferred over several years, allowing you to have a more financial commitment sustainable. Payday advance consolidation benefits Thanks to the refinancing of the […]

Payday loan consolidation companies

Apply for a quick loan before starting a business

If you want to start a business with a quick credit, you should keep in mind that you can also choose government grants, which are available for entrepreneurs and enterprising women. For example, to know the discounts of the self-employed quota or to know the possibility of charging all unemployment at once. When applying for […]


Two wise mothers and a writer’s meeting

What happens if two authors read each other’s book? Do they notice anything other than other readers? Do they live as much in the books? We invited the authors Mikkel Bugge and Monica Isakstuen to read and talk about their two new books, You are new and Rase . When the rage governs Monica Isakstuen […]


Groruddalen’s first literary festival

Groruddalen litterature festival is the festival for everyone who loves both our city and the books that come from it. This will be a great collection of some of Norway’s foremost authors at a whole new festival that will bring literature to the people, “says Helene Heger Voldner, festival director. The festival takes place at […]


The author of the year: Ruth Lillegraven

“It was a bit like coming home for me to write poems after writing a novel.” In the new book, URD , you write ” I wove me / a cheeky / blanket of arguments / and complaints and requirements / smear and dust”. Do you know what you’re looking for and how are you […]


Discover a prize-winning Polish writer

Magdalena Tulli is the author and translator. She debuted in 1995 with the critically acclaimed novel Sny in Camienie (Dreams and Stones), followed by the stylistic formatted novels W czerwieni (In red, 1998), Tryby (Moving parts, 2003) and Skaza (Lyte, 2006). In 2011, the autobiography took a new autobiographical turnaround with the novel Włoskie szpilki […]


Raging for racism

Lone Aburas comes to Furuset Library and Activity House December 4th to talk about the book Citizen ( Medborgar) together with Sumaya Jirde Ali . That talk is part of the arrangementrekka Feminist Reading List. We have talked to Aburas in advance of the event, about her own text. It’s an I speak (the hour […]


Does the written word experience a renaissance despite the masses of pictures?

How important is the written word in times of big data and digital change? Some voices on the net claim that the written word has regained importance . Time to take a closer look at this thesis. To answer the question of the significance of the word, I ask myself the question: What else is […]


From the new invisibility about Guillaume Paoli to the NetzDG – the culturalist “left” written in the studbook

Who are those invisible and whose perspective is being considered? That is the real trick of this whole story of the marginalized: they serve a culturalist left, more precisely a neoliberal elite, who perceive themselves as progressive, as a projection screen or as a cover, or they are, because politically unacceptable, the right margin slammed […]


He has written the biography of a “world celebrity”

It is no coincidence that this book is coming now. “The future of the plant depends on our relationship with C , ” writes Hesse, and is aware that climate change requires an understanding of the carbon’s countless conditions and eternal round dance, and our intervention in this. Based on these premisses, the science expert […]