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Esther Kinskys Grenzgänge РA review essay with a view to taking photographs

Esther Kinsky received the Leipzig Book Fair’s prize, which is good news, but more gratifying than all the alarmism or right-wing outliers. I wrote something about her book on the river a few years ago and put this review here again – but considerably redesigned. On the River, it is a book about perception, about […]


Mary’s Ascension or a story that cuts into the real. Ute Cohen’s novel “Satan’s Playfield”

Novels are usually fictions. It tells a more or less thought-out story. However, what happens within this constructed fiction is quite real in the vast majority of literature, taken from the logic of the story and the plot. It is not fictive in itself and it is certainly not imagined, but it happens as described […]


Kamel Benaouda wins the prize for the first youth novel 2018

Very early, Kamel Benaouda wanted to write. Having become a teacher of letters and a novelist, he imagines the life of an ordinary person in a world where he is the only one not to be endowed with superpower. “Norman has no super-power” just won the competition of the first youth novel, organized by Gallimard […]


Debut novel by Bill Clinton: Who sits in the White House

At the end, the President stands in front of the members of the Congress in Washington and gives a speech full of pathos, which should probably be considered a warning legacy. After all that has happened, US President Jonathan Duncan wants a fresh start across party lines to protect American democracy from further slipping into […]


Zeitflimmern or the body of the Other, the view of nature – Thomas Hettche’s novel “Pfaueninsel”

It begins this story like a dreamlike structure, a web in space and time – far away, deposited and off the roads. In a certain place, localizable, a small island in the middle of the river Havel: a beginning like a fairytale, at the beginning of which sometimes a queen appears. Like the young Queen […]


Who will be the winner of the competition of the first youth novel 2018?

In partnership with Gallimard and RTL, we organized in this year 2018 the Contest of the first youth novel. Launched last January, the contest enters its second phase: Sarah Andrès, Kamel Benaouda and Mathilde Tournier are the finalists. The die is cast. The new edition of the competition for the first youth novel organized by […]