Groruddalen’s first literary festival


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Groruddalen litterature festival is the festival for everyone who loves both our city and the books that come from it. This will be a great collection of some of Norway’s foremost authors at a whole new festival that will bring literature to the people, “says Helene Heger Voldner, festival director.

The festival takes place at Deichman Stovner, Deichman Bjerke, Deichman Nordtvet and Furuset library and activity house. In total, the festival offers 30 author interviews, lectures and other events.

Osso love, hip hop, language and embarrassment

Cultural Council Rina Mariann Hansen opens the festival on Tuesday, September 11th. The same evening, it is the tune of a master’s meeting in Oslo literature when Zeshan Shakar, Lars Saabye Christensen and Tove Nilsen circle the theme of “oslokjærlighed” from each side of the city.

Anne Bitsch

The rest of the week are highlights: There are talks with Niels Fredrik Dahl, Wasim Zahid, Ruth Lillegraven, Soudabeh Alisashi, Ketil Bjørnstad and several others.

It is booed with some of the biggest talks from the autumn harvest, like Trude Marstein and Simon Stranger. Øyvind Holen, Jonathan “Castro” and the rapper Nalband meet to talk about Norwegian hip hop, and there will be music, food and mingling at “Language Café Festivalspesial”.

Tom Egeland, Linn Strømsborg and Anne Bitsch face a very special challenge when Deichman and the literary concept “We wrote as a child” release them on stage. Here is the introduction of old school styles, classmates, or diary notes that were never meant for adult ears.

Incredibly proud

This is the first time the Groruddalen literature festival goes by the way, but Deichman hopes to be able to repeat the literary folklore festival in 2019.

“The whole Groruddalen sits of life and literature, and we at Deichman are incredibly proud to invite all who live in our city to participate in this,” says library director in Oslo, Knut Skansen.