He has written the biography of a “world celebrity”


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It is no coincidence that this book is coming now. “The future of the plant depends on our relationship with C , ” writes Hesse, and is aware that climate change requires an understanding of the carbon’s countless conditions and eternal round dance, and our intervention in this. Based on these premisses, the science expert has joined a piece of reading about the life of life and the dead’s gas that can hit curiosities of all kinds of heime.

He himself says that parts of the text will probably favor those interested in the field, but that it is fully possible and allowed to skip these parties without losing the big picture. He has the jam right in. Long chemical formulas are still a foreign language for me, but through Hessen’s book I get much more insight into nature’s intricate systems.

Advanced genealogy research
Magazine solar energy, trilobites, plastic, soot, nylon stockings, star dust, us; The common denominator is carbon. That everything is connected with everything is almost impossible not to think about. Book is thirty where the first two, “C in total” and “C in the circuit” are thorough, yet staggering, history of science. Discovery, mapping and use of carbon compounds are first of all useful, but then, eventually, the wrong side of it all comes for a day.

The last part, “Footprints”, is a short rounding in terms of how to handle this disordered the unreasonable deal with C puts us in. This is hyperactual and this is where discussions can continue. About “the great balance between photosynthesis and cell respiration, building and burning”.

Klimafestivalen §112
The bad week-long and nationwide climate festival is taking place these days. The main library also houses events in this regard. Come for example tonight and check out the Pecha Kucha event with climatic solutions for building and city, as well as improving the carbon budget balance for an eye.