Self-help books no one has written (yet)


Self-help literature is still an enormous economy. Here’s a lot of money to pick up for us writers. A search for the subject “personality development” in Deichman’s catalog gives 630 hits . We will still be better people. And experts, actual or self-employed, stand in line to help us. In addition, we have all weekly magazines and magazines that present the same well-advised advice and tips in the loop each week and month. Newly published Publishing Manifest Book Perfect by Mari Grinde Arntzen , describing our constant hanging out of perfectionism. In winter, Danish psychologist Svend Brinkmann achieved a lot of attention when he launched seven steps to become less perfect in the book. Stand up: Say no to self-development . (Paradoxically, it is categorized under “Self-development” on

But what about rather to market mediocrity? The half-god? A life in the middle of the tree? Non-capitalist perfectionism. Not that simple life in an island village. But something in the middle of between? The literature blog pitches hereby “The new self-help literature”. Do you like to write, this is the way for quick money. You can give readers advice that does not lead into one or the other ditch. Check the list of book ideas we think will revolutionize the self-help market.

The new self-help literature – a business idea

 Title: Become a mediocre user!

Excerpt: “Have a Facebook account, but never update it. Then you are not such a teat FB boycott, you get the event invitations, but you show that you think FB is a place of excellence for people with low self-esteem. “


Title: Release stress: Get moderately introvert!

Excerpt: “Introvert is the new extrovert. Book Quiet: The introverted strength of a world that never stops talking told us how many smart, laborious introverted people are being overlooked. But how smart is it really to do a lot of work, but be so quiet that you do not get cred for it? The question thus becomes: How to make the least thing out of it and at the same time not to be such a kind of smartass? The art is to be both lazy and quiet in the doors. Those who do not speak often do not have to do anything. Everyone knows that the person who proposes an action is asked to perform it. Think about it every time you want to open the jaw. “

Title: Mobile-Log Part Of!

Excerpt: “Get an old Motorola from the electronics collection. Make sure it does not have MMS or camera. Never respond to calls, just on text messages, at least one day after you receive one. Never send SMS to socialize, only if it’s something you want to accomplish for yourself. Then you do not let people contact you and are you lucky, no one answers you either. “

Those who do not speak often do not have to do anything.


Title: Half-old is the new young!

Excerpt: “Refraction is the first step. Start by dropping everything called concealer, foundation and powder. The boys usually have to show everything they have of dark rings, pimple outbursts, drought and rashes. Now you can show your solidarity by doing the same. Then you drop your eyeache. Notice the indescribable freedom that lies in being able to rub in the eyes. Drop all the stick you have previously smeared on the trot. Feel the pleasure to let go of all the fat you eat through lipstick, lip gloss and lipstick. Kiss people and fairy without spreading pigments around the face on them. Drop the tank on red spots on the chin, mouth wounds and teeth after the end of the meal.

Soon people will see your actual age. It will reduce much confusion and misunderstandings. But keep your handsome clothes. You do not want to look like your grandparents either. “(This book only has women as a target group, because this council took men already in the early 19th century.)


Title: Dropp kosen, keep the coffee

Excerpt: “Get away with kosen. Throw all your blankets, pillows and cube lights. If you’re comfortable at home, you’ll never get out. This has older and more urban countries like Japan though for the longest. They relax at the café and bar. It’s only here in the North we’re looking forward to cramping us, to feel better in our own private prison and not to hit people we do not know.

Pussed down. Feel the pleasure to see your house fall due. But do not do it to save the environment for unnecessary garbage, pollutants and production discharges. It’s too trendy. Get out and drink a cup of coffee on the “waiting table” at the nearest Kiwi store. Then you do not enjoy yourself, but you see and are seen, without having to talk to anyone. “


Title: Self-winding of 1-2-3

Excerpt: “The need for self-development has left the shaft. Sometimes it’s better to do self-esteem: resign, grind and plant yourself on-site rest. In terms of career choices, jewelry designers, business leaders and bloggers are the losers of the workforce. Become an office roster, loose worker or substitute for the rest of your life. Consider a career change if you have a little too creative profession.

Careers are for cynics. Handcraft for nostalgic workers. Bet on the blurred middle road. Set yourself in the same routine position most of your life. Do not move to a better home, and sit straight up and down with your hands in your lap as often as you can. Stand still is the new jogging. How long can you stay inactive at the same place? Without committing mindfulness or yoga? Stay where you are, know your read, but do not know the moment. Let your mind go, but not the body.

The latter advice leads us to other good title suggestions: “Imagine the little boy”. Or: “Get rid of some of the good conscience”. And finally, an article tip to the fashion magazines: “How to style crocs and all-weather bags”.