Who will be the winner of the competition of the first youth novel 2018?


In partnership with Gallimard and RTL, we organized in this year 2018 the Contest of the first youth novel. Launched last January, the contest enters its second phase: Sarah Andrès, Kamel Benaouda and Mathilde Tournier are the finalists.

The die is cast. The new edition of the competition for the first youth novel organized by Gallimard Jeunesse in partnership with Télérama and RTL, launched at the beginning of the year by a call for manuscripts, is entering its second phase. The reading committee of Gallimard Jeunesse has just chosen three finalists from the 924 manuscripts received. After Christelle Dabos author of La Passe-miroir , a tremendous bookstore success, and Lucie Pierrat-Pajot who is preparing to publish the third volume of the Mysteries of Larispem , who will be the future winner of the contest?

The jury composed of publishers, journalists, booksellers, authors and bloggers will have to choose among the three selected texts:

“In the electric city”, by Sarah Andrès

Sarah Andrès is 30 years old and lives in Paris, where she is about to defend a thesis on ancient sculpture.

Prisoners in Londonium’s parallel world, three children try to uncover the truth about their missing relatives. A club of strange scientists will help them. A wonderful adventure story in a retro-futuristic London.

“Norman has no superpower”, Kamel Benaouda

Installed with his family in the region of Angers, Kamel Benaouda is 36 years old and teacher of modern letters.

In the world of Norman, everyone has a super-power … except Norman. With the help of his friends, he will try to make him believe that he is no different from others. A story that mixes action and irony to say adolescence.

“The Rebels of Athens” by Mathilde Tournier

A journalist and great traveler, Mathilde Tournier lives in Albi, her hometown.

In 404 BC, Sparta imposed on Athens a bloody tyranny. The young Heraclios will take up arms to try to liberate his people. Inspired by a historical episode, an adventure novel that is also an initiatory quest.

And now ? Once the winner is appointed by the jury, it will be accompanied in the finalization of his manuscript. And his name will be revealed the day of the publication of his novel, November 29, 2018, as part of the Youth Book Fair in Montreuil. Télérama will then publish his portrait. Patience…